Was auf Wikipedia nicht über 3dDrucker steht

Auszug aus dem Artikel „Was auf Wikipedia nicht über 3dDrucker steht“ von Anatol Locker, seines Zeichens Chefredakteur von ALL3DP.com, eines neuen News Portal rund um 3dDruck

„3D printing? Isn’t that the technology of the future that will turn everything upside down? That will make things possible we don’t even dare dream of today? Where things just seem to suddenly pop up out of nowhere ? like in Star Trek?

As you get more and more involved in the field of 3D printing, you quickly find out that the answer is yes to all of the above. Yes, it will revolutionize the world, just as the Internet has. Yes, it can make dreams come true. And yes, new industries will emerge as a result, while others become obsolete.

The next obvious yet relevant question usually starts with “Yes, but…”

What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you about 3D printing

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