FabCon 2014 (15. – 17. Mai)

FabCon Promo

FabCon Promo

Und wir sind wieder mit dabei.

Dieses Mal mit Makiboxen, Ultimaker, Neo.

Hier eine Auswahl der ersten Speaker die man auf der FabCon treffen wird.

Just as the Internet changed the world in the 1990’s, 3D Printing is set to change the world again. This new technology is revolutionising the way that we make products, by bringing the factory into the community and allowing computers and the Internet to become the new conduit for skills, innovation and creativity. As 3D printers become more and more affordable and as mobile penetration and internet access increases, even in the poorest countries, the possibilities for the use of this technology become increasingly tangible. But if developing countries are going to participate on an equal basis, how do we ensure that emerging industry value chains are inclusive?

William Hoyle, Chief Executive, TechfortradeEthical Filament Foundation
Fair Trade Filament – Why does it matter?

Yvonne van Zummeren, 3D Druck Designerin, dyvsign
How to establish a 3D-printing jewellery label without any 3D printing experience

Thomas Gernbauer, Mitgründer, Fabbulos
Urheberrecht im 3D-Druck-Möglichkeiten und Probleme für das geistige Eigentum

Steve Rommel
BioFabNet – Next Generation Materials for the 3D Printer World

Das komplette Vortragsprogramm findet ihr auf der FabCon Seite

Wir werden die nächsten Wochen immer Montags alles Neue und Spannende zur FabCon berichten.

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