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11 Tips für 3D-Druck Anfänger ursprünglich von 3dprintingforbeginners.com übersetzt von 3ddinge.de – unter anderem mit 3D-Druck Berühmtheiten wie Florian Horsch, Rich Rap und Zheng3

Philip Cotton is the founder of the 3dfilemarket.com an independent marketplace to share and sell verified 3D printing designs. He is also a full time educator who has been awarded the 3dprintshow educational excellence award for two consecutive years for his teaching of 3D printing to high school students. He has advised the BBC on 3D printing and also taught university students about 3D printing in education. He was named as one of the top […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 6 von Philip Cotton

Cliff Smyth is a long time user and innovator in the 3D printing space who is convinced that decentralized manufacturing has the potential to change the world. Feeling the need to share the core concepts that have helped him produce useful things with 3D printing he wrote the book: Functional Design For 3D Printing. Web: threedsy.com Follow Cliff on: Google+   3D-Drucken ist keine Magie – noch nicht. Wir kommen an den Punkt aber noch […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 5 von Cliff Smyth

Filemon Schöffer and his family have a long history in printing. Around 1450, Filemon’s grand grand grand father, Peter Schöffer, made the family’s first move into the print business, working as an engineer in Germany, assisting Gutenberg with the development of the first printing press.   After a short detour from the family in producing beer, which led to the infamous Schöfferhofer, Filemon thought the time was right for the family to step back into […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 4 von Filemon Schöffer

Jim „Zheng3“ Rodda is an artist best known as the designer of Seej, the Open Source tabletop wargame designed to advance the state of hobbyist 3D printing through competition and player-directed evolution. Jim blogs about all things 3D printing at Zheng3.com, and has dozens of models available for free download at The Forge. When he’s not designing models or writing tutorials, Jim trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, studies Mandarin Chinese, and plays with more Barbie dolls […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 3 von Zheng3

Teil zwei unserer 11-teiligen Übersetzung der 3D-Druck Tips für Anfänger, heute mit Richard Horne aka RichRap RichRap is an Electronics Engineer, Product Designer, Salesman, and Problem Solver who has been working in a wide range of industries and applications, across many platforms and technologies for the last 20 years. Rich’s interest and passion for 3D printing started in 2009 after visiting the RepRap project website. He started blogging, designing and developing with 3D printing shortly […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 2 von RichRap

Im Rahmen einer kleinen Reihe von Tips möchten wir euch heute den ersten Tip für 3D Druck Anfänger von Jérémie Francois vorstellen. I am a self-employed, open-minded, curious iconoclast. I help start-ups, research centers or small companies for their needs related to algorithms, sensors, data processing and mechatronics. Bragging stuff? Coded an award-winning pinball game on palm. Published a paper in IEEE. Drove my motorbike deep into Sahara dunes. Made a 20K-visit/month blog by chance. […]

Tips für 3dDruck Anfänger: Tip 1 von Jérémie Francois